John Boos Cutting Boards Reviews

John Boos Cutting Boards Reviews [April 2021]

Welcome to our John Boos Cutting Board Reviews. Best cutting boards are a really helpful accessory for a personal kitchen. The extra-large wood cutting board will last for a long time. John Boos often is a top maker of stainless steel and wood food service items in the United States as well as is well-known for the chopping block cutting boards and John Boos cutting boards ever since the year 1887.


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1JOHN BOOS CCB2015-225Maple
3JOHN BOOS Block B12SWood


John Boos continues to be manufacturing a number of beautiful butcher blocks and top-rated cutting boards to fulfill the expanding requirement of commercial and residential markets which can satisfy the different functional demands. Their John Boos cutting boards actually are offered in different materials, sizes, weights, and shapes.

One could discover a John Boos cutting board product or perhaps a knife block to slice or chop whatever one could think of. The Epicurean kitchen cutting boards will not fade the kitchen knives as well as they remain razor-sharp for much longer. The butcher models were initially designed through North American solid maple rock. These Boos maple cutting boards often are designed in different styles with the best workmanship, custom cutting boards wood, and quality.

John Boos Cutting Boards

These usually are laminated along with corner grain or perhaps end grain. Walnut and American grew cherry and red oak often are most frequently utilized for manufacturing John Boos cutting boards. Wood types for cutting boards are secure for meal preparation compared to plastic. Some of their popular boards consist of John Boos end grain cutting board, John Boos reversible maple cutting board, and so on. They also produce a John Boos company mezzaluna board knife which can be bought separately.

John Boos company goes on to make use of these types of wood types and combines with rigid regulations and regulations towards the meal service market. Most of their metal and wood items are certified by the exclusive National Sanitation Foundation (NFS). Their unique chopping boards have obtained certifications from different domestic and professional chefs around the world. Go through our detailed John Boos cutting board reviews below to learn more on various John Boos cutting board products.


Before going into the John Boos cutting board reviews, it is advised to consider a few of the important factors listed below before buying a John Boos cutting board.


The Amazon chopping boards are designed of numerous types of seasoned solid wood which can resist the kitchen knives as well as do not split or deform in the general surroundings. A snug grained wood along with end-grain special lamination is much more appropriate as this could withstand the impact of kitchen knives plus does not soak up bacteria or moisture.

Form Factor

These chopping block cutting boards are offered square, square rectangular, oval or round shapes to fit the requirements of the customers.


The dimensions of these best cutting boards vary between 30 inches by 30 inches and six inches by six inches. The thickness might range from one to three inches. A dense cutting board possesses more stability and weight and taller users can use effortlessly on it.

The person can choose the John Boos cutting board based upon the room leftover as well as the use. The extra-large wood cutting board is recommended to obtain a huge working area to chop larger portions of fresh meat whilst a little board could be utilized just for small amounts of vegetables and fruit.

Extra Features

A few chopping boards often are engraved together with grooves all over the corner for trapping any juice liquid spreading across the kitchen countertop. A few John Boos cutting boards feature corner finger special grooves especially for carrying them effortlessly. The chopping board could be reversible therefore, you are able to use either side. In terms of John Boos cutting board reviews, it is one of the best features which make John Boos cutting board unique from others.

JB&C chopping boards are handled using olive oil in order to seal those and turn meals safe. Little feet featured upon the lower corner prevent the John Boos cutting boards from whatever juice liquid fell within the kitchen countertop. Nevertheless, just one part may be used.


Cost is among the essential factors which can impact the John Boos cutting board reviews choice.


Here are some John Boos cutting board reviews of the best selling chopping boards which might support a customer in his decision. Please Remember: The costs stated are simply as found at Amazon, therefore, use it for only guidance and might differ over time. Read our comprehensive John Boos cutting board review below.


Maple is actually believed as the finest material for butcher and cutting boards. This is really heavy and hardwood along with the tightly sealed grain. This is the topmost appropriate wood for chopping blocks especially for its durability, knife-friendliness, sanitary, resilience, the simplicity of washing as well as stopping bacteria spread.

John Boos Ccb2015 225

It is actually a John Boos reversible maple cutting board along with a corner grain design and features a couple of flat edges. It comes with an oil creamy construction, rounded corners, and FDA certified. You can use handgrips on the base for effortless transportation. This is somewhat dense. Tall users will sense more convenience using this dense John Boos cutting board.

This Boos maple cutting board is actually a huge top-duty chopping block that is perfectly designed. This block is true craftsmanship that will fulfill a range of meal preparation works in your personal kitchen like dicing and slicing fruit and vegetables, cutting meat, or even mincing healthy herbs. This is fairly valued at a reasonable price plus comes with an average of 4.1 out of five score rating. Taking all things into consideration, we give this board the number one spot in our John Boos cutting board reviews.


It is our second recommended John Boos cutting boards reviews. It is another large, impressive, high-quality Boos maple cutting board along with a one and half inch density. This is also created of maple solid wood together with an oily construction in addition to reversible flat cutting surfaces which could be utilized for dicing, slicing, chopping, dicing, mincing in addition to some other works.

John Boos Chop N Slice Maple Cutting Board

Chop-And-Slice block possesses an edge-grain design. It is a perfectly designed and sturdy chopping board that can last for a long time. This is scored together with 3.9 scores from five stars by customers on the Amazon chopping board category.


Since maple is one of the best wood types for cutting board products, this mini dimension cutting block is also created out of maple along with corner-grain lamination as well as smooth flat organic oil touch top area. This is a nearly one and a half-inch dense, durable, and sturdy food quality board that will not spread bacteria. It wants a little counter room and also is most suitable for a medium family for everyday use. This could be utilized for a range of food preparations such as slicing, chopping, mincing, and so on.

John Boos Block B12s Maple Cutting Board

It has slightly rounded edges and a smooth surface for working. There are four wooden feet attached to its base with metal screws. The feet will save it from a wet counter surface.

This has somewhat rounded corners, in addition to a gentle working surface. There are around four wood feet connected towards its base along with stainless steel metal screws. The special feet will prevent it through a moist counter area. It is ranked with 4.1 out of five stars at the time we were writing this John Boos cutting board reviews.


The John Boos cutting boards should be washed and also dried after usage. They could be cleaned using water and mild soap. Vinegar, baking soda, as well as lemon could be utilized to sanitize those boards.

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